Thursday, May 7, 2009

Confessions from the Land of Guilty Pleasures

It doesn't take much to make me feel guilty.  Given that I'm living in the the drive-thru-buy-now-pay-whenever capital of the world, temptation lurks 24/7.  What am I working so hard to resist, you ask? Here's my top 10: 
  • Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (It's half the price it was in Geneva. That means I can eat twice as much, right?)
  • Champagne (my Kroger carries Krug!!!)
  • Espresso in all it's milky variations
  • Coke Zero
  • Ranch-flavored Doritos (I used have to cross-border shop for these babies. Mmm...)
  • Twizzlers (the 1lb economy size is the best deal, no?)
  • a Harvey's hamburger with mustard, tomato, onion and pickle with  a side of onion rings (only in Canada, eh! What's a 10 hour drive when you're hungry for a burger?)
  • Kraft Dinner (i.e. macaroni and cheese. Read more about my obsession here.)
  • Glossette Raisins (similar to American Raisinettes, only better)
  • Dairy Queen Soft Serve, hold the dip
How can DQ and Champagne end up on the same list? Bloody good question. Perhaps I'm mistaken. A taste test should put this issue to bed.  It's just gone 9pm but I'd be willing to bet both DQ and the grocery store are open. If not, I could always go to Home Depot or Walmart. They're open 24 hours and, last I checked, there's a Starbucks in the latter.  

Sorry, gotta go. A tall cappuccino awaits... and Twizzlers.


  1. Dunkin' Donuts raisin cinanmon bagels/and or blueberry muffins and Stouffer's Welsh Rarebit
    are my undoing...

    The trouble with being an international is that you can't have it all but boy can you revel in some...

  2. It all sounds great to me... i think i might get some harveys today too that sounds too tempting. I'm still eating for two when i have time. Finding time for basics like eating and sleeping is a problem around here already.

  3. Thanks for doing the tag MM. They're great. And it makes me miss drive-thrus and Dairy Queen. Mmmm!

  4. Have you been to Target yet?

  5. Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond: two stores that get me spending faster than republican during war.