Saturday, May 30, 2009


I entered the university admissions office dressed like I was going to a job interview. From my floral-print linen blouse to my sensible shoes, I was the picture of sensibility, commitment, and drive, a 'future teacher' poster child if there ever was one. Without a lick of hesitation, I presented myself to the receptionist. 

"I'm here for Campus Orientation.  Am I in the right place?"

"You sure are, honey." She handed me a course calendar, campus map and name tag. "Have a seat over there."

I followed the line of her hand to a large cluster of chairs behind me where sat at least a dozen other prospective students — with their parents.  To make matters worse, I'd missed the 'jeans only' memo. I had a sudden urge to colour my hair. 

A lot has changed since my last university experience.  For instance, the campus library stays open until 4a.m. and serves munchies at midnight. I told my tour guide, a bright-eyed junior, that I hadn't been up at 4a.m. with any regularity since breast feeding. She smiled incredulously. "Really?"  

That was it: I would buy some Clairol on the way home. 

In all honesty, I expected no less.  The good news is that I've been accepted to study education in the fall at an NCATE-accredited school only fifteen minutes from home. So what if I'm the oldest person in the room.  It's worth it. 


  1. read the opening chapters of Marilyn French's The Woman's Room.

    Congratulations on your acceptance. You are on your way...


  2. Yahoo ... Congratulations!!! As to feeling mature, now you know how I felt at Michigan - I was exactly the same age as you at the time.


  3. How awesome is that!!! Way to go i have to admit I'm a little jealous I'd love to go back to school. I dream of nursing school hopefully one day it will be my time .. i thinking in about say 4 years from now just get Taylor off to Kindergarten. one can only dream right. Congratulations!!!

    Christal just finished Teachers College at Ottawa U and she also is finishing up her first year of teaching grade 4. She loves it too. She's really wanted to teach kids with ADHD. This interest helped land her full time job.

  4. Huzzah! Have a ball! Fodder for a new novel me thinks.

  5. So so proud of you. Think of all the experience and insight that you will bring to your courses and assignments. You'll blow those university newbies out of the water!

  6. So happy for you. So glad your life has brought you the opportunity you were deeply dreaming of.
    However .... I was 53 when I went back to study in a language not my own. And I discovered to my surprise that the other students did not harp on age; we were equals in the learning situation. Being older is just wonderful. One sees everything and takes it in in a totally different way - and there are huge advantages. I hope you'll love it. You certainly have the head for it! I often learn something from your blogs, and I'm over the moon with "The Book Thief" which I could not put down. All thanks to you. So great good fortune go with you.
    Uncle Joseph's niece