Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Simple Pleasures: An Opening in My Schedule

I'd booked off this afternoon to harass my former alma maters.  Three weeks ago I requested copies of my somewhat-dated transcripts to be sent to the university where I've applied to study teaching. According to said university's user-friendly student porthole, the paperwork had yet to arrive. On a whim I decided to check matters with a resident human before opening a can of you-know-what north of the border. As it turns out, all three transcripts have arrived, safe and sound, with no harassment required. The university said I should hear in the next two weeks whether I'm accepted . Whoopee! 

Now, what to do with myself?  Considering I was all charged up for some patience-busting bureaucracy, I think I'll go wax my legs.  It's either that or do health claims. Do you hear that insurance companies? Leg waxing is more pleasant.

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